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Sourcing The Fire | FAQ

Q.  Who would benefit from a Vision Fast/Rite of Passage Ceremony?

A.  The modern day Vision Fast offered by Sourcing The Fire is a pan-cultural ceremony designed to offer people the opportunity to transition through important events and moments of their lives. Some people come to fast in order to mark the transition from young adult to adult, and to claim what showing up as an adult means to them. Some come to claim their own worth and their own beauty in this world. Some come because they know it is time to formally mark moving into a new stage of life, whether this is a new career, partner, death of a loved one, or some other important event that our culture does not provide formal ways of marking. Others come to celebrate what was, and seeking a community to witness their growth and celebration of a new life.


And some come not knowing exactly what their intent is, but knowing that they feel stuck, or that life seems stagnant, and lacking meaning.  They come knowing something is missing and something needs to be done so that their life will become more whole and grounded.  Our hope for alll who come, is that each might find in one way or another, the source of their own personal fire.

Q. Three days of fasting and being alone in the woods sounds really difficult, if not extreme.  How do people handle these aspects of the ceremony in a healthy way?

A.  While there are three things that make the ceremony a challenge, [Fasting, Solitude, and Lack of  Shelter] and bring up a certain amount of fear in people, these "taboos" are there to deepen the experience, and make it a real challenge and test. Rites of Passage for thousands of years have involved some elements that were extremely difficult. Parts of the experience are intended to evoke an inner fear, brought about by a controlled "risk," which leads to an inner searching, and the finding of one's inner resources to meet the challenge.  The fear one feels about being alone in the woods, and going without food or shelter, is more imagined, than due to any real danger to ones wellbeing.  You are much safer in the woods than in most any city, on any freeway, or in any modern setting.  At Sourcing The Fire, safety is our number one priority ABOVE ALL ELSE.

One aspect of the ceremony many people don't initially think about, is: COMMUNITY

It is not uncommon for very strong bonds to quickly form between fasters.  While you spend three days and nights in solitude, you are truly not "alone."  Knowing that the community who has witnessed your story and intention is also out fasting, brings strength and comfort.  We truly can't do this work alone.  As Jung said once: 


"You can't self-actuate on Everest."

Q. What are some important things to consider as I'm preparing to jump into this?

A.  One of the most important things to consider is that you will get what you put into the ceremony.  A Vision Fast is NOT a quick fix, nor is it something you can intellectualize and plan out beforehand. Many who fast leave the ceremony saying something like: "Wow...I just never thought it would be like this, I had no idea it would be this good..."

The reason for this is that every rite of passage must neccesarily involve a psychological, metaphorical death.  In order to truly take on a new life stage, grow, and move forward as human beings, we must be brought back to our most fundamental nature. Our self-identity must be shaken, our current life must be dismembered, and our old ways must go inward and die, so that the new may be reborn. The grain of wheat must go into the ground and die, and the caterpillar must radically change to become a butterfly.  It is no different for us as human beings.  If that sounds intense, it's because it is intense.


It may be helpful then to imagine that in preparing to come and fast, you’re also preparing for death. What old ego-ways are waiting to die? Who is it that you might need to make amends with, or tell them you love them, or say goodbye to in a meaningful way, before you join us in ceremony? In short, what loose ends would you like to tie up before you die? And are you willing to confront some of them now, before your metaphorical death in the woods?  These may be difficult things to think about, and do. Real transformation and real growth  demands nothing short of all we have to offer.


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