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Sourcing The Fire | Day Walk Offerings

Sourcing The Fire provides the opportunity for individuals to experience the power and wonder of a guided Day Walk/Medicine Walk.  While a Day Walk can certainly be done alone, we have found that the benefits of having an experienced guide to see you through the process and hold space, to be invaluable.

Individuals who participate can expect to dedicate one afternoon, camp overnight, and spend the next day from sunrise to dusk, on their walk.

The process of the ceremony is simple and draws its inspiration from the stages of the Vision Fast:

You will meet in the afternoon with a guide(s) and go over safety and logistical concerns, after which you will be offered some teachings regarding learning from the land, and the Four Shields of Human Nature.  A significant portion of time will then be spent honing and setting your intention for your walk.

The next morning you will rise at dawn, and be ceremonially put out on the land for your walk.  You will take with you only water, emergency food, and perhaps a journal or other materials that might serve your journey.

Upon returning at the end of the day, you will have the opportunity to share the story of your walk, and have the telling mirrored back to you by a guide, further deeping your understanding of your time on the land.  

For a detailed overview of the Day Walk, please see the essays linked on the top of this page.  

To inquire about doing a Day Walk with Sourcing The Fire, please click the Day Walk Offering link.

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